14 August 2008

I Get It and Other Stuff

Well the summer is winding down and I feel so stressed just trying to get my schedule figured out that I just can't seem to stop thinking about it. I have a load of 6 credits, I have 20 hours to work at one position on campus and 10 for another. I dropped down to 6 credits because I accepted an adjuct position at a small school nearby. I thought I had my schedule figured out pretty well, and then got thrown for a curve. Let's just say that curve has not been pleasant and we'll leave it at that. The main problem is that I need to perform all of these functions between 8-5, not all of which are located within the confines of campus. To make matters worse, all of the people that I work for or with are so great in allowing me the flexibility to do what I need to, save one. I don't know why this surpeises me, but I guess I got so used to being treated like an adult, even, dare I say colleague, that being treated like a student has just taken me down a few notches. I am sure this can all be worked out, and by the end of September I won't know why I was so stressed, but I just hate feeling this way.
My other issue that has come to my attention over the last few months has always gotten my goat, but now it has bothered me to a point where I cannot remain quiet. I turned 30 this year, whoopdedo. Age has never bothered me, and I was never really one of those people that would make goals based on ages. I usually made goals and adjusted them based on the curve balls that life threw at me. Lately when around people my age, all I here about is babies and the comments "just wait until it happens to you." I get it, I've watched and cared for my niece and nephew to know this. But these people seem to think that I have no idea what kids are like. On top of that, they give the look of pity when I tell them I don't have any of my own. This is not an accident, this is a conscious choice to put off children until I done with my coursework. This does not mean that I do not work, or that my degrees mean less because I didn't add children to the mix. I get it, kids are rough. I say wear a helmet, good shoes, and get a life outside of your family.
Sorry that this is more personal than anything, but this is part of the doctoral process, dealing with schedules and non-academics.

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  1. I hope I've never said that to you!

    But yes...your achievements, considering everything that you've done, are amazing. Kids or no kids. There's no way I could go back to school and do what you do.

    Not a chance.