08 October 2008

If Only the World Were Perfect...

I am procrastinating from working on grading portfolios, doing research for my prof, completing a proposal to teach a summer course in Ireland, and from doing my own reading and research. Couldn't I find an extra day of the week to help me take care of these things? I just need an extra 8 hours during the day where I could sneak off to the archives and research without anyone asking me for help. My evenings are open, but my days and weekends are so packed with stuff that I barely have time to remember to eat my lunch. On more occasions that I would like to remember I have had to throw out my lunch because I left it sit out all day and it thawed/spoiled. I just lose track of time so easily, and feel like I have not got done all that I needed to accomplish in that time frame. I know that I am hard on myself with my own expectations of what I can get done, but lately it seems that the time crunch is more acute. On top of this I have just been frustrated with some of my students.

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