01 December 2008

2 Weeks and Counting...

With two weeks left in the semester here is a list of things to be done by December 12th:

  • 10 page paper on the AAGPBL - due Friday December 5th at noon. (I have 4 pages typed so far.)

  • 25 page paper on GTTHS's extracurricular activities - defended December 4th, submitted December 11th. (I have 7 pages so far.)

  • 5 page take home final exam - due Friday December 12th at 3:30.

  • Grade 21 final unit lesson plans by December 12th, they are due Sunday December 7th.

  • Finish grading 15 2 page papers by tomorrow.

  • Grade 33 3-5 page essays, ASAP.

  • Grade 33 writing portfolios by Friday December 12th.

  • Select three portfolios to share with writing faculty: one A portfolio, one C portfolio, and one failing portfolio.

  • Submit all of the above grades for the lesson plans and portfolios.

  • Type up 20 pages of hand written notes and submit to my cooperating professor, then begin hunting through the microfilm for stories about the school board I have been researching for him.

This is all in the next two weeks. I am already tired just writing it out.

On a more positive note I found a cartoon that best describes one of my positions here at the university.

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  1. There are times I miss school, but reading all of that is NOT one of them.