28 April 2009

How I Spent This Past Weekend

Anyone who teaches understands this one. I am just frustrated as i get through the last few chunks of grading. My final grades are due on May 4th, along with my papers. Here is what is left on my list:
  • 12-15 page historiography
  • 8-10 page paper on Title IX
  • 3 page book review (still need to read that book)
  • 1 final exam
  • Grade 19 final lesson plans
  • Grade the inch of late work turned in
  • Grade 30 portfolios
  • Grade 19 final projects

I know I added more to the pile because I had previously lumped the grading together. Now that my course work is thinning out it is time for me to concentrate on what needs to be graded. Once all of this is done I have to finish one of the courses I am developing. One has been completed for over a month; the second one is about half-way done. The professor teaching the course is also very slow in getting me the material. Either way, I know I can hammer it out during finals week.

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