23 April 2009

Last Weeks of the Semester

To best explain graduate school to you, I have found this cartoon:
Yep, that's about it for now. The brain is a fine grated parmesan, but one more thing can be crossed off my list, but I keep forgetting to add the grading of student work to the pile.
  • 12-15 page historiography of girls' secondary education (Got the due date moved to Monday of finals week, giving me an extra weekend to work on it! Now due Monday 4 May)
  • 1000 word paper on HPV and a group presentation on it (Due Tuesday 28 April)
  • 8-10 page paper on Title IX (Due Monday 4 May)
  • 3 page book review of Oakes' Keeping Track (Due Wednesday 29 April)
  • 1 final exam (Friday 8 May)
  • Grade all of my students' work and portfolios, grades due Monday 4 May

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  1. Only?

    You'll be done with that in no time. ;o)